Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee Takes Action on Four Bills


Today the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee approved four measures, according to Senator Mike Regan, Chairman of the Committee.

Senate Bill 139, sponsored by Senator Judy Ward (R-Blair), would modify Pennsylvania’s Price Gouging Act to ensure that an emergency declaration does not place an undue and unnecessary burden on operations and businesses outside of and unrelated to the disaster.

“For years, the Price Gouging Act was pretty cut and dry in that when there was an emergency declaration due to a storm or natural disaster, price restrictions in that geographic area would take effect,” said Sen. Regan.  “However, with the Governor’s 2017 Opioid emergency declaration being statewide in nature, it is important to ensure that price restrictions are not put in place statewide.  This legislation would help address this situation.”

Senate Bill 146, sponsored by Senator Michele Brooks (R-Mercer), would ensure that all firefighters, whether they are volunteers or professionals, are eligible to receive online Fire Training made available from the State Fire Commissioner’s Office. 

“This is the first bill we’re moving this session that was included in the recommendations of the SR 6 (Fire & EMS) Commission Report,” said Sen. Regan.

Senate Bill 298, sponsored by Senator Lisa Baker (R-Luzerne) would earmark any funds collected from Stolen Valor convictions into the Veterans Trust Fund.

“The Veterans Trust Fund provides assistance to veterans in need through a variety of means,” said Sen. Regan.  “I believe it is appropriate, should anyone be convicted of holding themselves out as a veteran, fines should go toward our veterans in need.”

Senate Bill 439, sponsored by Senator Regan, would add several law enforcement groups under the “Heart & Lung Act,” including members of the Ft. Indiantown Gap police force, investigative staff of the Inspector General, DCNR Rangers, and Department of Corrections Bureau of Investigations and Intelligence Commissioned Police Officers.

“When police officers are injured in the performance of their duties, the Heart & Lung Act provides that they will continue to be paid while on leave,” said Sen. Regan.  “This legislation would ensure that all appropriate law enforcement groups are covered under this Act.”



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