Regan School Safety and Security Legislation Achieves Final Passage, Goes to Governor for Signature

HARRISBURG – Today, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania gave final approval to legislation sponsored by Senator Mike Regan (R-Cumberland and York) that addresses two issues raised since the passage of last year’s comprehensive School Safety and Security Law, Act 44.

“This past school year, school districts across the Commonwealth found themselves out of compliance with the law when first, it was realized that Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs were omitted from the definition of School Resource Officer.  This was followed by the Department of Education issuing their own interpretation of Act 44 claiming security guards did not have the authority to carry firearms,” stated Regan.

In addition to correcting the oversight pertaining to sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, Senate Bill 621 provides direct authority for School Security Guards to be armed.

Additionally, the legislation establishes a baseline of training for all school security personnel – whether armed or not – to ensure that School Police Officers, School Resource Officers, and School Security Guards are trained for the purpose of working in a school setting and alongside students.

“This important legislation provides schools with options to allow them to continue protecting their students and staff as they see fit,” said Regan.

Senate Bill 621 now heads to the Governor for his signature.

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